Within this segment experienced manufacturers have dealt with the consequences of short product lifespan, consumers fast decision making and lack of brand loyalty. Today, on top of this, consumers demand more products to be sustainable and care for the environmental impact of the products. How can PLM help to keep up with the increasing demand on product sustainability?

Helping You Maximise Sustainable Business Value

Food & Beverage

New consumer trends for healthier alternatives, sustainable product packaging and regulatory ingredient control is reshaping the Food & Beverage segment.

Beauty & Personal Care

Consumer awareness on products for the body and health, not only for looks but also from an environmental perspective, put extra pressure on companies within the Beauty & Personal Care segment.

Packaging Suppliers

Being able to reduce material costs and optimize production efficiency is the key to bring relevant products to market within the Packaging segment.

Household Products

The demand for eco-friendly products within the CPG industry is strong within the Household Products segment. To stay competitive new, sustainable products are essential for delivering consumer choice.

Consumer Services

The Consumer Services segment is subject to fierce competition and just offering traditional services will simply not be enough.

How Can TECHNIA Help?

We understand your challenges

Customers play the key role in the Consumer Goods industry.

The increased customer demand for sustainable and green products has created a new pressure for companies’ delivery eco-friendly product in the same pace as before. Keeping up with increasingly stringent government regulations requires complex business processes and traceability procedures to be implemented.

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PLM Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry

We have the answers

Progressive Consumer Goods manufacturers realize Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions will overcome the challenges of facing shorter product life cycles and faster speed to market.

With over 30 years of experience supplying and supporting PLM solutions, TECHNIA are here to help.

What is PLM?

With a PLM system you can manage the entire product lifecycle – from design, development, and production, to disposal or recycling. With a PLM solution, you can create an immersive 3D design and virtual testing environment that mimics the real world.

Cut design time up to 50 percent, material and design costs 30 to 50 percent, and virtually eliminate costly recalls and quality incidents.

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