TECHNIA is a people-centric business in a world of technology. We encourage and support our team to be as active at honing their support skills as they are growing their technical engineering experience and industry knowledge.

TECHNIA Keep Moving 2022

Share your personal best with #KeepMoving2022
Leading by Example

During a recent team-building exercise in subzero conditions, Magnus motivated everyone to complete the activity by promising to take a dip in a nearby swimming zone. Needless to say, his colleagues quickly found new resilience!

The TECHNIA CEO made certain to deliver on his promise, and the team became inspired to put together the Keep Moving Competition.

Keep Moving 2022

World Health Day is inspiring all of us at TECHNIA to live healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. So, we’re inviting our colleagues around the world to take part in a little, healthy competition.

We’re launching the TECHNIA ‘Keep Moving’ initiative to encourage our friends and teammates to take on activity challenges, track their progress and inspire each other to improve on their personal best.

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Smita Bhattacharjee - Business Consultant
At TECHNIA, when we set our minds to achieving something as a team, we do our best individually as well. We want our employees to enjoy the same success with their health goals, so we've all decided to “Keep Moving” together!
Magnus Falkman, CEO | TECHNIA